Co-Owners Samantha Williams and Cynthia Lambakis

Co-Owners Samantha Williams and Cynthia Lambakis


Ederra was wonderful! They were very professional - on time, very responsive, and easy to work with. Both Samantha and Cynthia had great ideas for how our house should be done, and the effect is beautiful. We look forward to working with them on many projects in the future! – Giancarlo

We contacted Ederra for help on our kitchen remodel. The result is a kitchen that is more beautiful and functional than we could have ever imagined! From the planning stages to the final result, Samantha and Cynthia were there every step of the way to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible, which it did. Knowing they were there to guide us through the construction and design process took the stress off our busy schedules.  – The Martels

I hired Ederra Design Studio for multiple design projects in my home. Samantha and Cynthia were fantastic! They offered wonderful ideas and saw their plans through. The completed projects are breathtaking! – Katie

My husband and I purchased a run-down midcentury house that had seen years of neglect and poor style choices. Samantha and Cynthia helped us transform this place into a true dream home. With their never-failing patience, they gently steered us away from what would have been some serious mistakes. We truly couldn't have done this home remodel without Samantha and Cynthia - they took so much stress off of us and came up with so many great and creative ideas which led to the incredibly beautiful home we now have the pleasure to live in. We could not be happier with Ederra Design! – Melissa and Josh

The Ederra team took the time to listen, and came up with creative solutions I would not have thought of. They, indeed, both pay attention AND think outside the box. The job was completed on schedule, on time, and under-budget, to my complete satisfaction. In addition to that, suggestions were made which made the kitchen remodel more flexible and useful to me, suggestions that added both utility and value to the project. The sensible supervision and monitoring by Ederra allowed me with confidence to be gone and unreachable for part of the work, and all was done according to specifications in my absence. Also, everyone connected with the job, including both Ederra and the contractors and subs, were ON TIME. I have high standards and I was happy, and my neighbor, who is in a similar business, said the work was done flawlessly. Again, I repeat it was on budget, with only pleasant surprises." - Fred


Ederra Design Studio is one the most professional interior design firms I have ever worked with. Their portfolio and accomplishments speak for themselves. Cynthia & Samantha not only have incredible vision, they listen to their clients and bring their dreams to fruition. – Bob

Ederra Design Studio is very professional and welcoming. They understand the design process and supply their clients with products that provide nothing less than the highest quality. They are very involved in sustaining lasting relationships with their clients and businesses they work with. Ederra Design Studio is a testament of excellence!!! – Gary

As a kitchen appliance sales specialist, I have been working with many designers on countless design projects and Ederra Design Studio is one of the best teams I have worked with. They are professional, they focus on client needs, and they follow-up closely with all the details. – Jason